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Grow with the Billees Partner Program

Add Billees to your product portfolio, resell Billees apps

get 50% profit
on each license (new/renewal)

and 100% from value added services

Big or Small

Lucrative business opportunity, high income and caring support.

Billees Partner Program is designed for companies of all sizes and individual solution providers. We are offering partnership to POS hardware vendors, Software resellers, Tax Consultants, Accounting professionals, marketing agencies, IT and business consultants, and those considering opening a new business.

How to make profit with Billees?

Sales & Consulting

Billees includes everything your customer need to effectively run and grow their business. Sell in-store, at retail events, pop-up stores and even online. Affordable pricing and instant profit of each sale is a win-win for you and your customers


There are may different business models out there, which means unique approach and customized solutions for your customers. You can Profit on Billees product Implementations for your customers by providing value-added services, such as product implementation, customized invoice print template, barcode label template and software training etc,

After Sales

While your Billees customer business grows, they may request for additional client installation, Edition upgrades, license renewels and other support. All this can generate additional revenue from initial sale.

7 reasons to join with Billees

Our Technology
Your Services

Start your own business with zero investment.

50% Revenue sharing, is a win-win for you and Billees.

Earn 100% more profit through value-added services.

High income and caring support

Helps customers at every stage of their growth
Single user to multi-users,
Single store to multi store and
In-store sales to online sales.

Easy to learn, simple to setup, implement and super simple to train your customers.

You can directly talk to development team and contribute in improving overall user experience and adding new functionality to the product.

White Label

Our Technology
Your Brand

Grow your brand, control your margins, and build long term revenue using our platform.
Give your customers the experience they deserve, with your own branded software platform.


Save the cost

Years of domain expertise, development and bug fixing that has already gone into the product, as well as the cost of hiring and training developers. So, you save time and cost with white label product.

Ready to market

Billees will continue to release fixes, improvements and new features while you focus on sales and business growth

Your Pricing

Get the privilege to create a price list for your product. You can set the price that makes the best sense for your business.

Trust & loyalty

Gain trust & customer loyalty with your own brand product.

almost zero learning curve to my team when we switched to Billees, it's super simple to setup and train the customer more over it's almost support free. With other softwares my team used to spend weeks to implement in a single store, where as with billees we are able to sign-off in 2-3 days. It's really helping us to focus on new leads and grow our customer base quickly

Vivek Gupta, Founder, eMarketing solution


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