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At Billees, we believe -

  • Your business deserves better software.
  • Software that's easy to setup and use. Provide an all-in-one solution to conveniently manage your business anytime, anywhere.

We’ve made it our mission to Power-up your business with all-in-one platform that enables you to sell in-store, online, on the go and that really works, affordable to all business sizes.

We are a Startup Company

We believe, well done is better than well said. We started this journey with big dreams and goals, like you have.

At Billees, the software is our craft and we love to innovate. Billees founders have 15+ years of retail and distribution domain and pure product development experience and 30+ years of collective IT experience. A decade of experience in managing large teams. Prior startup experience. Worked with bootstrapped IT companies and also worked with Government organizations and telecom companies.

We owe a lot to our beloved customers, who helped us while developing and launching Billees successfully.

Our commitment

If you choose Billees for your business, you don't just get the product, you get the solution that is thoughtfully and meaningfully crafted and beautifully designed for today and tomorrow's challenges in mind. You get our everlasting commitment to keep improving your experience and our persistent devotion to customer satisfaction.


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