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The Future is Phygital

Physical and Digital Stores

COVID-19 essentially accelerated the need for digital capabilities. It is clear now more than ever that having digital-centric way of working is not only beneficial, but essential.

Run your business

24x7 | all-seasons

Customers are online nearly 100% of the time now. Offer your customers an integrated experience be it in-store or online, be accessible and listen.

Offer your services round the clock even when your physical store is closed. Let customers visit your online store to buy their favourite products anytime.

Start Selling

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Your Business

with Billees all-in-one platform

Billees includes everything you need to effectively run and grow your business. Sell in-store, at retail events, pop-up stores and even online.

  • Billing
  • Online Store
  • Loyalty, CRM
  • Digital Payments
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Analytics
  • Multi-Store

Work from anywhere

Billees Business is a Windows APP powered with cloud database. Forget local database backups, your data is 100% safe on our cloud servers.

All your real work like Sending invoices, Inventory management, managing accounts, receivables and payables, expenses, collaborating with your accountant to submit GST returns can be done from anywhere using your Windows PC | Laptop

Billees works offline so you can sell even when internet is down. This makes it more reliable and faster compared to generic cloud POS systems.

Add any number of devices and work simultaneously at no additional cost.


Online Store

Anyone can sell online now

Setup your own online store in just 10 Mins.

With Billees Business suit start selling in-store with easy-to-use Windows APP and with no additional setup cost and time, start selling online through mobile first online store and expand your business everywhere and service new customers every day.

No more multiple inventories or guesswork. Whether you sell in-store or online, your central inventory updates automatically.

  • Design your store home page beautifully the way you want.

  • Complete order fulfillment lifecycle.

  • Order status updates on customer smart phones.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Accept all payment modes with Domestic and International Credit & Debit cards, Netbanking from 58 banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets

Cash on delivery

6 out of 10 customers in India choose COD over pre-paid option. So, it’s become essential to offer cash on delivery to drive more sales.

Shipping - Rules

  • Ship to Pan India.

  • Ship to specific Pincodes.

  • Local delivery limited to defined Land mark areas.

Pick-up in-Store

Let your customers order online, later pick up their purchases directly from your physical store


& Checkout

Meet all billing needs with a simple and powerful invoicing flow.

We designed a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn, minimizing training time. Works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

Embrace digital to stay relevant

  • Send digital invoice through e-mail & SMS.

  • Send Payment Link through SMS and receive payments faster.

Invoice process flows that got covered

Estimate > Order > Delivery Challan > Invoice

Price Level | Price Book

Businesses follow different strategies (like target pricing to groups of customers) to sell products, some of which include giving discounts to loyal customers, or providing seasonal discounts on products. With Price levels, you can set custom prices for each product that you sell to your customers.

Works offline

It just works normal and you can invoice customers even when internet | local network is down. Data sync back to server as soon as network is restored.



Manage purchases and inventory with live tracking of inward and outward items.

Multiple Units of Measurement

Setup whatever units you need

Ex: Purchase 1 Case, Stock 6-Packs, Sell 36 cans


Inventory types

Standard, Lot-Number

Batch & Expiry, Best Before

Variant (or) Matrix, Serial Numbers


Print your own Barcode labels in whatever label sizes you want. If the products you sell come with a barcode printed? Simply capture them in masters and start ringing during Invoicing.

Warehouse | Godown

If you stock inventory in multiple places? Create as many warehouses you want and keep track of each unit that comes in and goes out.


Manual Purchase order :
Simply add all items that you want to order and Send it to Supplier.

System Recommended Purchase order:
It’ll let you know exactly when it’s time to place an order for a new shipment of products based on the formula:
[Lead time in days X Average Daily Sale] + [Safety Stock]



Billees makes it easy to add new outlets as your business grows

With Billees, you can literally setup a new store in 5 minutes

Whether you’re looking to take a single store into multiple outlets or looking to branch out your business in various locations around the country, Billees can do it all.

Plan your assortments and keep tracking all your location's stock

  • Manage product catalogue centrally.

  • Transfer inventory from one location to the other.


Balance your stock across your warehouses. Monitor stock levels and redirect purchase orders to a warehouse location with low stock.

Make your deliveries/replenishment faster. Analyze delivery distances and choose the nearest warehouse to your delivery location/store for faster deliveries/replenishment.

Online Store + Multi-Store

Boost your sales capacity by taking your business online with Billees built-in Online store. With your data centrally located, all your in-store and online information is synced automatically.



Manage permissions for users with access control for billing, pricing and credit management and more.

Create custom roles where the permission settings are entirely up to you. Whenever you change the permission settings for a role, they will be applied to users to whom the role has been assigned.



Say goodbye to double entry drudgery work

With Billees built-in accounting feature, each and every transaction posted to respective ledgers in realtime. So, you need not be an accounting or finance expert. Billees does all that work seamlessly at no extra cost.

Billees includes everything you need to effectively manage your accounting needs.

  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Banking
  • Cheques
  • GST Returns filing
  • Customer Statement
  • DayBook & Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • and more...


& Analytics

With Billees Insights mobile app , watch your business stats live even when your are in vacation.

Understand your customers better

Find out who your top customers are, how much they spend, and what they’re buying. That allow you to personalize each customer’s experience based on their purchase history and buying habits.

Manage your inventory more effectively

See stock on hand and inventory levels at a glance, so it’s easy to make sure you always have enough of your top-selling products. Get an overview of stock levels across all your stores, while having the ability to drill down on inventory per category/Outlet.


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